Monday, August 6, 2012

Quilting Studio Redo- Phase 3

     Phase 3 was to rearrange the laundry room, creating a more organized and efficient space to store fabric.

    The laundry is to the left as you enter the quilting studio. It is a good size room, but not efficient. I have a front loading washer and dryer which until several days ago were not stacked.
    Most of my fat quarters were stored in between the wall studs to the left in the photo. Clutter again. On top of the washer and dryer is an old hollow core luan door which I covered to make a pressing surface. Straight back is another shelf unit to hold plastic bins full of mostly fabric scraps. I do love my scraps :) Have you ever noticed that every horizontal surface seems to attract stuff, on its way to being put away, of course.
    In preparation for stacking the W/D, I moved the pressing board to the top of the shelf unit, added a light, and cleaned up the fat quarters.This was not the best solution as it cut the room in half. Two small areas on each side of the W/D.
    Once again, valuable real estate being squandered. So, DH and DS#1 stacked them for me. Another four square feet gained. Shifting the W/D as far to the left as possible created a small area to the left to store vertical items and my rolling cart of supplies, and to the right...
                                                           a very nice fabric nook. 
     Now, the bins with the fabric scraps are easily accessible and my yardage is neatly folded and stacked in a bookcase. This is a much better view from the main part of the studio than that in the first photo of this post. Another advantage, I can place my new big board in this area when I have others over to sew, freeing up space in the main area.
    To store fabric as I have, fold yardage in half lengthwise, the way it comes off the bolt. Wrap it around a 6" x 24" ruler, slip out the ruler, fold in half again lengthwise, and stack in the bookcase. This creates a uniform width and length to the fabric, which stores very nicely. To determine if there is enough fabric for a project, I count the layers, multiply by 6 then divide by 36 . No more unfolding all the fabric only to discover there isn't enough.

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