Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birdie Pincushions

Look what came to visit me! 

A flock of birdie pincushions that are just adorable.  I made them as "little gifts" for each person taking the class I taught on Saturday.  They are from the pattern "Petite Alouette" from The Teacher's Pet with two modifications: eyes and a "nest." I sewed beads on for eyes(not shown here). The "nest" is  a 1/2" washer that I found in the tool box.  I covered it with a gathered circle of fabric. Then, I used Fabric Fusion fabric glue to adhere the washer to the bird. Now, they are all well behaved and not falling down.

Then today, Lynda and I made this "flock" to be door prizes at our quilt meeting tomorrow.  After filling them with crushed walnut shells, we glued on some googly eyes. They are sooo cute, I wish I could keep them all!

This little girl is happily sitting on top of my sewing machine, watching over my fabric treasures. At least until tomorrow!

Til next time,

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