Thursday, January 17, 2013

Basement Remodel

 Last summer, I redecorated my basement quilting studio. Trying to make the space work better for me. Do you remember the hearth that took up valuable floor space? My ironing board tucked away in the fabric room? Well, DH finally agreed to have  the hearth removed :)

Just look at all that floor space! Notice something else, the room is empty. The entire basement is being remodeled. But first, we had to move everything out. Where to put it all? It is amazing how much stuff can crammed into a 400 square foot basement. 

See the long box along the top front of the photo. This housed one of three cold air returns for the heater. Made the room feel smaller as it was barely 6.5 feet above the floor.

The culprit, a giant "spider" forced hot air heater. We decided to replace it with an efficient hot water baseboard system with two zones, main floor and basement. Comfort, more head room, and less dust being blown around the house! 

This area(~100sf) is adjacent to the "spider" and was used as storage. It will be the new home for my longarm. I will now have all my sewing/quilting on one level. 

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