Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oklahoma Backroads

Oklahoma Backroads on the design wall. I began this quilt top in October 2011 on a trip with DH to Pennsylvania. Then worked on blocks during a trip to Georgia in March 2012. Then more blocks on the trip to Oregon in June 2012. Finally, all the blocks were completed Spring 2013 at home in Maine, but they sat in a box until our current trip back to Pennsylvania. 

I placed a sticker with column number/row letter in the upper left corner of each block(100 little stickers!) This kept the blocks in the correct order and orientation. I first used this method when making the Twisted Christmas Wreath and Stocking Sweet Stocking. I knew exactly which blocks went with each other and the direction they should be sewn.

I set up Charlotte on the ironing board with the extension table I made. Then I sewed and sewed and sewed. Finally, all the blocks are together. When I return home, I will add the inner and outer borders, and quilt it. I haven't decided whether to keep it or gift it. I have some time for that decision.
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