Thursday, June 19, 2014


I came across a website that showed old wooden salad bowls turned into garden mushrooms. I love repurposing things, so I set out to find the bowls at thrift stores. Couldn't find any, not a one. I then enlisted my mom and big sister, Cathy to join the hunt. They are experienced thrifters. In no time, they found several and mailed them off to me for my birthday. With can of red spray paint in hand, I set to work creating my garden mushroom. Two coats of red, handpainted white dots, and two coats of protective finish and I was ready for the stem. I considered a piece of tree, but decided on a brown beer bottle Gorilla Glued to the underside of the bowl. The tapered neck made it easy to stake into the ground. I wonder how many happy colored mushrooms will pop up in my garden this summer?
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