Friday, August 29, 2014


I'd like you to meet Anna, my new (to me) 1913 Singer model 66-1 treadle sewing machine.

Wes and  I were out shopping for a small bookcase for my bedroom when I found her. Partially hidden behind a very large spinning wheel, I couldn't believe my eyes. All six drawers were present in good condition. One small chip of the wood on the lower right corner was the only problem. The spoked handwheel moved fairly well and all the critical parts were there. Dare I look at the price for such a beautiful machine? My heart began to beat a little faster. I turned the tag over...

$200 marked down to $100! My heart is beating even faster, when Wes says, "Everything in this booth is 20% off." I remove the tag and walk (run) to the checkout desk, she is coming home with me!

Isn't she a beauty? This is the Singer Red Eye that I have often read about. It took some work to get the gunk off. The decals are in good shape except for in front of the needle, it was a well cared for and used machine. I removed and cleaned the tension assembly as well as the bobbin area. Lots of dust and lint in there.
After reassembling everything, I attached the leather belt. Good thing I used to put the chain on my bicycle, as the same process is done with the belt.

Now for the test, will she sew? First try, top tension too loose. Second try, bobbin tension needs to be loosened a very small amount. Third try, perfect! Stitch length good. Now, to practice to get the rhythm and not break the thread.

This is a beautiful as well as functional piece of furniture. The three drawers on each side have wreaths carved around the pull knob as well as beading down each side. The center drawer, to hold extra bobbins, scissors and a stilletto, has beading as well across the top and bottom. The real surprise came when the store clerk pull the machine out from behind the spinning wheel.
 On both ends of the cabinet are these wood appliques, a quilter's dream.

 I name my machines after the women on my mom's side of the family. Anna is for my maternal great grand mother, Anna Muthert Oelker.

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