Monday, September 1, 2014

Getting to Know "Anna"

Here is "Anna", all set up to sew next to the window with two Janso lights, one directed to the needle area and the second to the front of the machine. The overhead light is behind me when I sew, and the shadow makes it difficult to see. I brought the portable pressing table up next to "Anna". I don't mind sewing on a non-motorized machine, but I still want my iron. The light strips aren't on the straight of grain, so finger pressing doesn't work so well.
 I pulled out my drawer of short 1 1/2 inch strip pieces to practice 1/4 inch seams on "Anna". I am thinking about making another "Bricks and Stepping Stones", but this time with brown stones and blue bricks. There is definitely a rhythm to treadling, feeding the fabric, and grabbing the next one. The first few that I did were atrocious, the seam was varying from 1/8" to 3/8". And that was with my seam guide! Now, the seam is more consistent, and I have fewer broken threads.

When I become a little more proficient, I plan to take the treadle out onto the screened porch. This is my view with hummingbirds fluttering about, you can just barely see one to the right of the feeder. They will be gone soon, as will summer.  The view is almost the same from inside, I just have to look through the window. Either way, it is a very peaceful place to sew.

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