Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cutting Table

As I was reviewing my blog posts, I realized that I hadn't posted any photos of my cutting table. I had been using the table that my DH inherited from his grandmother, but I felt one with wheels and storage would work much better for me. So, what to do? I had a base kitchen cabinet with double doors and two drawers(on the right) that I had purchased several years ago to use as a cutting table, but it was too small. DH and I went off to Lowe's to find a base unit with drawers( on the left). We built a base, attached six wheels, set the two cabinets on top, and made a spacer between the two units. The spacer was important for two reasons. The first was to create a vertical storage space on the back. This would be a place to store the long Accuquilt Dies, extra cutting mats, and some  other supplies that wouldn't fit elsewhere. The second was to achieve a table top length of 54". Til next time, Mary

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