Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sew Time

It has been overcast and rainy the last two days, but that didn't stop me from setting up "Charlotte" on the porch to sew. It was a bit chilly, but socks and a sweatshirt made it comfortable. I've only had time to sew on her twice since we left Maine; Indiana and Wisconsin. So, I was enjoying my time with her.

I have been working on Oklahoma Backroads from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Site. I began the quilt in October 2011 while in Pennsylvania, as my traveling project. There will be 100 blocks in the quilt of which 30 are shown. I love how the colors bounce around. 
The wind began to pick up,taking my pieces for a ride,so I moved my work station to the hall in the cabin. Just enough space to work comfortably.

I finished sewing the corner triangles to the rectangles(100 of them!) and the remainder of the center four patches. Then I called it a day, time to get ready for my niece's wedding this afternoon. 
This is my gift to her and her new husband:
The pattern, Warm Wishes, is from Quiltmaker. I titled it "Warm Wedding Wishes"

Til next time,

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  1. Hi Mary...just read your blog and checked out all your pictures. Looks like you're havin' fun and managing to find time to sew as well. Oregon looks interesting, and "Quiltworks" looks like a fabulous shop. The wedding quilt is beautiful. Safe travels & we'll see you when you get back to Maine! love, Ella I.