Saturday, June 23, 2012


Thursday morning DH and I visited a wonderful quilt shop, Quiltworks, in Bend, Oregon. It is only 21 miles from Sisters, where they will have the outdoor quilt show on July 14th.

I love the little quilt over the doorway with Bend in the circle. I was greeted by Mary Ann as I entered the store. A lovely lady who graciously showed me all the shop had to offer. Patterns by local quilters, new fabrics, books, and classes offered. DH took photos for me as I explored the shop.

This is the inside with quilts hanging from the second level balcony. I love the dream sign in the window, just what I was doing. 

Another view, with more wonderful quilts and fabrics.

 The classroom is a nice open space on one end of the shop.
Current class offerings are displayed on the walls. 

The unique feature of Quiltworks is the Upstairs Quilt Gallery. On the first Friday of each month a new local quilter and fabric arts group are featured. 

This month the quilter was Candy Woods...

 and the group was Pacific Photos 2 Fiber.
If you find yourself in Bend, Oregon this is a real gem that you don't want to miss.
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  1. Mary, Mary!
    What a nice shop. So good of DH to go inside with you. Looking forward to seeing more on your new blog.