Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where have I been?

Monday evening's sunset in Nevada.

Tuesday was more Nevada, Utah and the Great Salt Lake, a real oasis. It was the first green we saw in hundreds of miles. Isn't the blue of the lake the most amazing color? I see a landscape quilt in this photo.

      From Utah we continued into Wyoming. No matter which direction you look, it is the same. I am in awe of the early settlers who came here in covered wagons on dirt paths, not even roads. I am sure I would not have been a good settler. Where's the quilt shop?         
Actually, we passed several very large signs for quilt shops along route 80. DH would have stopped, but I really wanted to get home. Another time, maybe.

On the way to Ogallala, Nebraska, where we would stay for the night, I photographed this coyote sculpture.
Doesn't he look lonely? Maybe, he is calling his mate.

It has been really HOT! 101 Tuesday and Wednesday.  We traveled through the remainder of Nebraska and most of Iowa on Wednesday, where we visited more family near Cedar Rapids.
This is DH's Great Aunt Alyce, she is 94 years young. Doesn't she look great? She is as sharp as when I first met her 27 years ago. We had a wonderful time, although short, with her and her family.

I completed this wool applique table mat Tuesday. I purchased it at Pinwheels during the April Shop Hop. It won't be returning home with me, so I am sharing it here. I had never done a wool applique by hand. I liked it, so there may be more in my future.

We said good bye to our family in Iowa this morning to head East toward home. We've seen the Mississippi River and Lake Erie. Crossed state lines into Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. One more day, and I'll be home. This is a wondrous country. Full of amazing sights, but as Dorothy said,"There is no place like home"

Til next time,

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