Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Last Leg

The final leg of our trip home began in Erie, Pennsylvania.  A short hop and we were in New York heading towards Buffalo, then Albany , and on to Massachussetts. Trees everywhere I look. Everything was sailing along smootly until a 27 mile traffic back up on 495 delayed our entry into Maine by 1 ½ hours.  DH put me behind the wheel, as I don’t mind the slow moving traffic and it gave him a much needed rest.

Exit 7 in NH means one thing,  the Piscatagua River Bridge is just around the bend.That tells me home is near.

Each time I return to Maine, I do a little cheer, “MAY…NE”, waving my hands as I pass
under the sign. Not long to go. Yeah!

Isn’t this beautiful? Sunset over the Western Maine Mountains. A perfect end to a long
days journey.
It is good to be home.

Til next time,

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