Monday, July 2, 2012

The Scrap Builder

My Dad was a carpenter, a very good one. He could take scrap wood from any source and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture: old oak flooring into a toy chest; a mahogany floor box from a boat into a hexagon side table; a door and kitchen drawers into a much loved desk. I guess I've inherited a bit of his love of scraps, only I do it with fabric. But sometimes, I too do it with wood products.

For Christmas, DH bought me an Accuquilt Go! cutter and some dies. I haven't used it much because there wasn't a dedicated work surface, and it was stored where I couldn't see it. I decided to rectify this dilemma. I sketched some rough plans with measurements.

Out came the particle board shelving. The source, dismantled shelf units from our home in NJ. I've been storing them in the closet for some unknown project. See the scrap fabric analogy? Next, I pulled scrap 2x4's from under the porch (also brought from the NJ house), and I was ready to go. Prime the pieces, cut to length, drill some pilot holes, and
Voila! an Accuquilt cabinet. Well, not really. You know the saying measure twice, cut once? I still have trouble with that one. Next, install the top and secure it to the wall.
The top shelf holds the long strip cutting dies, and smaller dies are stored in a mail holder/sorter. 
Pull out the cutter, set it open on the top, and I'm ready to GO!
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