Monday, July 16, 2012

Cushions for the benches

Now that the benches are built and painted, it's time to make the cushions. An excursion to Joann's with Wes yesterday resulted in this fabric( along with several other items) coming home with me. The white works well with the new white benches, the blue compliments the carpet, brown to add some contrast, and a very pale sea foam green that I'd like to paint the walls. Perfect!
First I cut the top and bottom panels to size, then it was time to make the welting. This required 9 1/2 yards of bias strips cut 2 inches wide and sewn together on a 45 degree angle. This welting foot is very helpful in making the welting. It has a channel that rides over the cording and the needle stitches up close.

 I stitched the cording into the bias. Then trimmed the seam allowance to 1/2.

I pinned the welting to the top to determine the exact length needed, and joined the ends in the same manner as I do for binding. Returning to the sewing machine with the welting foot, I sewed the welting to the top and bottom panels.

When I came to corners, I made four clips just shy of the stitching line. Pinning each little tab keeps the fabric flat and in place. 
After the welting was sewn on, I attached the sides to complete the cushion.

The finished cushion showing the welting. It fits very nicely and brightens up the area.

This is the corner of my quilting studio which I have been redoing.
The design wall is complete.
All my quilt books are stored in the benches.
The only thing left to do is sew the second cushion, and I will be ready to resume my quilt making.

Til next time,

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