Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scrap Builder Part 2

This is the beginning of the second bench/bookcase. The structure in the front will be the base. It is constructed from recycled 2x4's brought from NJ. The structure in the rear is the bench/bookcase. It is constructed from recycled particle board shelving. Actually, it is a composite made from wheat. I tried to find more of it, but apparently they aren't making it any more.
This is the dry fit of the bench. I wanted it to span the entire distance between the Accuquilt cabinet on the left and the TV stand on the right, but I didn't have any boards long enough. I pieced the bottom and left the space on the left to place a rectangular trash bin.
This is a close up view of the TV stand which I built around 1998 for my oldest son's room. I constructed it from MDF and shelving, but never painted it. Now all four units will be a nice clean white.

This is the view showing the two benches and TV stand. Above the right bench is my new design wall. It is made from 1 inch 4' x 6' rigid foam insulation covered with Warm & Natural batting. I used basting spray to adhere it to the foam. The frame is 2" x 2" deck balusters painted white. Once the benches are painted, then I'll make covers for the cushions.

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