Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eyebrow Trimmer Seam Ripper

 Have you ever tried to un-sew a seam with a conventional seam ripper only to cut a hole in your fabric? Or the stitches were so small, the seam ripper wouldn't fit under the stitches? Never fear, Nancy, our quilt group's vice-president, had  a solution.

Eyebrow trimmers! They are available in the cosmetics department of most stores, usually three to a pack. They have micro blades recessed, so they cut only the threads not fabric.
 Gently, pull the seam open and begin cutting.
Continue pulling the seam open as you cut the threads. I tend to use the top part of the blade, and after some use, it becomes dull. Not to worry, use the middle, then bottom portion of the blade. These do not totally replace conventional seam rippers, but they take the scary part out of un-sewing a seam. Thanks Nancy!
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