Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Featherweight Room

I travel with DH about four times a year for his work as a consultant. I consider each of these trips as mini retreats. No cooking(ok, anyone who knows me knows I don't cook), no housework, and all day to sew. I always have my trolley packed with Charlotte (my featherweight), a travel iron, Best Press, a project, and my box of accessories. Notice, the Scotch Re-stickable Strip ready to guide my fabric.

So, when I saw our room number I had to laugh. I told DH that this was a Featherweight room. 222 was right across the hall. For those who may not know, the model numbers for Featherweights are 221 and 222.

The only place for me to work was the coffee table, as DH was using the desk for work. If you have ever tried to sew on a coffee table, you know that it causes pain in the lower back. I thought of buying a table, but I already have two at home. Then the idea hit me, bed risers! Off to Walmart.
The risers raised the coffee table 7 inches, enough to take the strain off my lower back. I will add them to my list of items to bring when I travel. Now, I was ready to get to work. 

I am continuing to work on my Oklahoma Backroads quilt that I took to Oregon with me. There are 1600 pieces in the 100 blocks of this quilt. I drew lines on 180 neutral 2 1/2 inch squares. 

Then, those squares were pinned to 180- 2.5"x 4.5" bricks making sure that half went left and half went right.
Now, I had to sew those 180 units. Notice my seam guide, I don't have to remove it because the fabric glides right over it. Once, the units were sewn, I pressed, flipped, pressed, trimmed, and pressed the units. 

Tomorrow,  I will begin to match up the units to create the additional 70 blocks to go with these 30. This is going to be a Happy quilt.

Til next time,

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