Monday, October 1, 2012

Iron Cozy Handle

Aren't these travel iron cozies adorable? I found the tutorial at May Your Bobbin Always be Full. Carol, Wes, Sabina, and I now have matching cozies with the only difference being the color of our zippers. LuAnn's tutorial is very good. Of course, I didn't have strapping in my supplies, so I had to improvise.
What did I have that could be used for the handle? I could make it similar to the Bow Tucks Purse Handles. But that would be too thick. Then, I remembered the large roll of cotton paper-like material(interfacing?) sitting on the shelf. It is similar to the material used when making Roman shades for the windows. It would provide structure and strength without the bulk. Perfect. 
I cut a 2"x12" strip. Then finger pressed the strip in half lengthwise, keeping the edges as even as possible.

Then I cut a 4"x 12" fabric rectangle. Match or coordinate this with your iron cozy fabric. Press the rectangle in half lengthwise creating a good crease down the center. 
Line up the fold of the interfacing with the fold of the fabric. 
Turn up the bottom edge of the fabric over the interfacing so that it is snug. Press. Repeat for the top edge. 
I wanted to secure the edges to prevent the fabric from shifting when I sewed the handle. In the drawer, I found some 1/4 inch quilter's basting tape. It was one of those things you see at the store and say, " Hey, that's something I might need," and you buy it. That was about 4 years ago. See, I knew I would need it.
 After applying the tape to both the top and bottom flaps, peal off the paper and fold over onto the interfacing. Finger press to secure.

Fold the two flaps together to create a 1"x12" handle.
Pins can distort the handle when used to hold the edges in place. I found these tiny hair clips. They are perfect for holding the fabric.
Edge stitch down one side and up the other. Then stitch again 1/8" inside the first stitching. You now have a handle for your iron cozy. You can substitute fusible fleece for the interfacing. It will make a thicker handle, but works just as well.
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