Sunday, December 1, 2013

Making Progress

I created a list of projects to complete(PTC) by the end of 2014. I began with 7 at the beginning of October. 2 have been completed and 1 is in the process of sewing on the binding. Included on the list are Jamestown Landing and Smith Mountain Morning from the classes I took with Bonnie Hunter when she was in Maine in May. Almost half of Jamestown Landing is on the design wall. All units are sewn. It is just a matter of sewing them into rows, and then sewing the rows together. I have continued labeling the upper left corners of the blocks as a guide to which unit is sewn to what. Good thing, as I mixed up some sections, but the labels set me straight. You can see them as the little circles on some of the blocks.

I received a picture of the quilt I was hand quilting as we traveled across country in September. It is the perfect size for the back of their couch. 

This is the best photo I have of the quilting. Small fans with five lines each, approximately 1/2 inch apart. I really liked the pattern of quilting. Next, I will try it on the longarm, a step up from my meandering.
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