Friday, May 23, 2014

A Table Quilt

When I began quilting in 2006, one of the first books that I purchased was Quilts Without Corners by Cheryl Phillips. I was intrigued by the designs and foolishly thought it would be easier to make than a square cornered quilt, no corners to turn. Eight years later, I finally made a quilted tablecloth from that book.
 It began with a request from my electrician for a quilt to cover his antique dining room table. I spent several days trying to find just the right pattern. Then I came across this one: yes! Next was to choose the fabrics. When making quilts for me, anything goes: vintage thirties, civil war reproductions, novelty, geometric, etc. But when I have to make something for someone else, and there is a monetary value placed upon it, I fret. And fret. And fret. Fortunately, Sabina came over to help me select from my stash. She has a great eye, and I think the final result is awesome. 
The design disappears when you view it close, but really stands out when viewed from afar.
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