Monday, August 13, 2012

Machine Needle Threaders

  Before I begin today's topic, I wanted to share my s-l-o-w progress on Orca Bay.
Rows 1&2 and 3&4 were sewn together. Matching seams and easing in the geese takes time.It does look striking when seen though the camera.

  Many new sewing machines come with automatic needle threaders, which are terrific inventions. However, of the half dozen machines that I own, only one has it. Fortunately, relatively inexpensive machine needle threaders are available. They are portable and can be used on any machine.
These are three types of machine needle threaders that I own. 
All of them work they same way.
This is a close up of the Dritz brand. 
Hidden inside of the white end is a thin flat metal bar.
 This bar is what pushes the thread through the eye of the needle. 
Be careful not to bend the bar, as that will make it non-functional.
Notice the triangle on the blue part. It must face up(vertical) when threading the threader.
 Lay the thread horizontally through the teeth of the threader.
Lightly hold each side of the thread as you place the threader around the needle,
 keeping that triangle facing up.

Gently add pressure to the blue cylinder as you slide it down the shaft towards the eye of the needle. When the eye is reached, the thin metal bar pushes the thread through it. With smaller size needles, I place my finger on the right side of the needle for support(left side for featherweights).
Using my stiletto, I pull the thread through the needle. 
I am now ready to sew.
The threaders I own also have holders for inserting a new needle in your machine.

I can still thread most front facing needles without much trouble. However, side threading machines and/or smaller needles are a different story. Especially my featherweight, which threads right to left. Using these needle threaders, I can thread a machine with my eyes closed. Not that I want to :)

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  1. Mary, how in the world are you "doing all this" AND taking the pictures!!! You are too amazing!