Sunday, August 12, 2012

The New Smaller Big Board

There was no sewing to be done yesterday. Instead, I read a book, Intimate Strangers by Laura Taylor, on my HP Touchpad. So, I thought today I would post some photos of my New Smaller Big Board(NSBB).

   This is my original large pressing surface. Made from an old hollow core luan door(salvaged from our home in NJ), covered with a blanket, some Insul Brite, and several layers of muslin, it had served me well for almost 15 years. When I originally made it, I was making home decorating items that used fabric 54" to 60" wide. A surface 30" wide was perfect then. Now, I wanted a narrower more portable pressing surface to attach to my wide ironing board.
   Off to Home Depot! I found the perfect base, 1"x 3" boards laminated together, 23" wide by 6 feet long. I could have used 3/4" plywood, but then I would have to cut it in half lengthwise.Short crosswise cuts are doable, but we don't have the set up for those long straight cuts. Not to mention, it wouldn't fit in my Sonata, which the laminate would. I also purchased 2- 1"x3" x 6' boards to use a cleats.

   This is the underside view of my NSBB. There are several tutorials on the web for how to make one. I read several, then modified to meet my needs. The board is not permanently attached, but I can fold up the unit for storage when needed. I can also adjust the height if I want to sit while pressing many pieces.

    Originally, I had placed it in front of my design wall. Notice the narrow space between the pressing board and cutting station. This was before I replaced the back legs on the table so, it would sit partially on the hearth. That opened some floor space,but more was needed. Especially, if I wanted friends to come to sew.
   So, I moved it to the fabric nook. The NSBB extends a bit into the bookcase, but I have access to the fabric and storage bins. The overhead light and iron are plugged into the same power strip. I know the iron is off if the light is off. 

  Wes came last Sunday to test drive my new space. It worked well and we had a good time working on our projects.

Til next time,

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