Thursday, August 16, 2012

Napkins and a Bib

    My mom will be 88 years old next month. She is an independent lady who lives by herself, drives to all her necessary destinations, and crochets blankets and shawls to support ministries at her church. So, when she asked me for an adult bib, how could I say no? I couldn't. To the Google, where I found a pattern . I then decided she should have coordinating napkins to go with her bib. These are my directions for 18" square napkins, which require 1 1/8 yards of fabric.

   For each napkin, cut a 19" square. 

   Since, I prewash all my fabrics, I give my squares a good dosing of starch, both sides. This is to reduce stretching when I draw my lines. I wanted lines 1/2" from the outside edge on all four sides. My Quarter Inch Seam Marker is 1/2" wide, so it is perfect for my lines. 

   After marking the sides, the lines should cross at the corners.

 To reduce bulk in the corners, I trim off the point. But how much? After some trial and error, I discovered that my Quarter Square Triangle ruler did the job. Align the dashed 1/4" seam lines atop of the drawn lines.
 Trim straight across the blunt tip. 
 Fold over the corner with the fold at the intersection of the drawn lines(white X). Press, dab with some starch, and press again. Repeat for all four corners.

 Fold the sides up to the drawn lines and press. I use my stiletto to hold the fabric so as not to burn my fingers. As with the corners, I dab starch on the folds and press again.
 This is what my napkins look like after the first turnover.
For the second fold, I begin at the corner. Fold up each side to meet in a 45 degree angle. Press, dab with starch, press again. Repeat for the remaining corners. Press sides, easing as may be necessary to have a straight edge. Dab with starch and press. 

 Stitch the seam at a consistent distance from the edge, making sure to catch the inside fold.
   This is Mom's reversible bib and coordinating napkins.
And this is Mom :)

Til next time,


  1. What a beautiful Mom you have and what a very nice daughter you are for making her a bib with matching napkins. Even your followers get to see your nicely done tute. Carol

  2. Well done!!!! Love the fabric!