Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tabletop Thread Catchers

Friday night was Material Girls at Pins & Needles. After a delicious dinner & show-n-tell, we made thread catchers. The pattern was from Red Hen Fabrics
The really neat thing about these catchers is that they fold down for easy 

Just twist and push down. The bottom slides into the top ring.


This is what it looks like in its compact state.

We made two changes to the pattern: cutting the cardboard circles and batting at 4" instead of 3 7/8" (cut your fabric circles at 5") and substituting package strapping for the 4” wooden embroidery hoop. Here is how to do that.
  Mark a piece of strapping at 13 inches.

Cut the strap approximately 3/8" beyond the mark. Cut a second piece of strapping the same length as the first. 

Overlap the first strap so that the unmarked end meets the marked line. 

Using duct tape, secure the overlapped ends. This creates the inside circle.

Center the second strapping piece over the joined ends of the circle. Tape in place. 

Keeping the second strap snug against the first, securely tape one end of the outside ring in place. 

  Bring the other end around to meet the first.

Secure  with tape. You now 
have a "recycled" hoop.

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  1. I love these and have made several as mini gifts for friends.