Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hand Needle Threader

I love gadgets. Especially, when they make sewing and quilting easier for me.  DH and I travel often, so I always have handwork to do. 

This is the size needle I use for most of my quilting and sewing.  It is a #10 quilting needle. When I hand quilt, I use this needle with 30 weight quilting thread. Difficult to thread sitting on the couch at home, impossible to do while riding in the car down a bumpy road.

That is until I found this gadget. Of which, I have 4! I bought my first one in 2006, and I am still using it. Originally, they only came in brown. Now, they are available in pink, green, and purple.

Place your needle eye down in the needle slot. This is sometimes a challenge for me, as the eye is so tiny.

 Lay your thread through the thread slot.

Gently, hold the thread on both sides while pressing down on the lever with your other hand. You should feel the thread move as it is being pushed through the needle eye.

Carefully, pull the needle up from the threader. 

It may take some practice to get the hang of it, but it definitely works. The package lists the type of eye the needle must have to work, as some are too large or the wrong shape.

There is a built in cutter just behind the thread slot. 

These are perfect for traveling by ...planes, trains, boats, and automobiles... because frayed edges don't affect your ability to thread the needle. Proof being, these photos were taken in the backseat of our car as we traveled to Massachusetts to see our daughter, Emma for her birthday.

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