Friday, September 14, 2012

Ends to Bind

I thought I'd share how I join the ends of my binding when finishing my quilted projects. With this method, there is no measuring, no accidental twisting, and no hand sewing the seam closed. I don't have to move my quilt from the machine, a plus when doing a queen size quilt. I will illustrate with two different color bindings so it is easier to follow. So, lets get started.

Square off both ends of your binding.

Turn down one corner making a 45 degree angle. 
Make sure the edges align and it makes a sharp point. Press.

Open the fold and draw a line along the fold line. 

Press the entire length of the binding in half lengthwise.

Beginning with the 45 degree fold end, apply the binding leaving 6-8 inches free at the beginning end. Continue to sew the binding to the quilt as you normally would until you are 12-15 inches from where you began stitching. Now it is time to join the ends, with no measuring.

Overlap the straight end(green) over the 45 degree end(gold). 
I pull slightly on both binding ends so they are snug, not loose.

Fold excess green binding back so it is even with the edge of the gold binding. 
Finger press the fold.

Cut the green binding on the fold.

Place the green binding back on the gold binding.

Carefully, open the green binding keeping the left edges even with the gold edges.

The gold and green ends will be perpendicular to each other. 
Turn over so the gold binding with the drawn line is facing up. 
Pin across the line drawn at the beginning.

Stitch on the line.

Trim to 1/4 inch.

Finger press the seam open.

Fold the binding in half, and you can now sew it to the quilt.

If you found this tutorial helpful, pass it along.

Til next time,


  1. Thank you, thank you, Mary for the clear instructions on connecting your binding. I just tried it and, for the first time, IT CAME OUT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!!! Carol B

  2. Thank you, Mary for a GREAT class today. I Love this method. I look forward to more classes in the near future. Kathy C.